We need $62,000 for the down payment by closing on 10/31/22!

We need YOUR support!

We need $62,000 for the down payment by closing on 10/31/22! image


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We need YOUR support!

The Case for Space

We are raising funds to move!

As you remember, we have been actively searching for a new property for our organization and we have found just that! And guess what? Our offer of $310,000 was accepted! YES, you read that correctly!

Exciting, right? We think so. But here's the thing... We can't do this without YOU. We need to arrive at closing on October 31st with the 20% down payment.

Now, more than ever, we need our community's help!

RIPR RECEIVES NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING. We rely SOLELY on the generosity of our donors.

Let's talk about the property and why this one is, dare we say, perfect.

The property, located at 173 Washington Street in West Warwick, RI is in the Arctic Village Redevelopment District. The town is looking for organizations that will serve a much-needed purpose within the community.

This is the only space we've found that covers all facets of our multi-fuction property needs in our price range. Animal housing, retail space, an on-site resident, an educational center, and a veterinary space; we will have it all here. This is incredibly rare to find!

For the first time, Rhode Island Parrot Rescue finds itself unable to help all the parrots and families who need us. Our current is waitlist three months out. It is exhausting, frustrating, and heartbreaking to be a family's last hope for their bird and we simply cannot help due to lack of space. This property, with 11,616 square feet would change that. First and foremost, we want to offer EVERY parrot in need a safe place to land.

Secondly, we would have an education center! We will finally bring our dreams of expanding our community outreach in fruition by having the space to host summer programs, educational workshops and seminars, and parrot behavior consultations, just to name a few! Education is at the forefront of everything we do. We will grow our branches farther and wider with this new space. The more we can educate, the better lives captive parrots will have.

Whether you've been following us for ten years or only ten days, this is going to be a group effort!

If every person following RIPR contributed $3, we would raise $60,000!

We need your help and your support!

Please spread the word and consider giving today!